Unfair competition

GLASS-BRUDZIŃSKI Adwokaci i Radcy Prawni Law Firm has broad experience in cases related to unfair competition and anti-monopoly law.

The principle of freedom of economic activity provides entrepreneurs with wide possibilities but is also burdened with the potential risk of having their actions interpreted as unfair market practices. Knowledge of the anti-monopoly laws and the principles of the competition law are therefore paramount for any modern enterprise.

  • We specialize in instituting actions, in the name of entrepreneurs, companies and other economic entities whose interest has been endangered or infringed upon by unfair competition activities;
  • we effectively pursue redress of damages from economic entities and also from employees who conducted acts of unfair competition;
  • we advise and provide expert opinion in following areas:
  • ï  What conduct is interpreted as unlawful under the competition law?
  • Is it possible to achieve certainty as to whether an entrepreneur is not in breach of the anti-monopoly law?
  • How to eliminate or minimize the amount of penalty imposed by the
  • President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection?

We also provide representation in proceedings before the competition protection bodies.