Sport legal services

In order to meet the increased need for professional legal services in the area of sports, the Law Firm offers complex advisory sport-related services addressed to sport entities, local authority bodies and athletes.

Our clients receive:

  • preparation, negotiation and expert advice on contracts and agreements with athletes, coaches, managers, sponsors, sports activists, creation and verification of provisions in sponsor agreements;
  • ï drafting and expert opinion on internal legal documents (i.e. rules, articles and others) that regulate activities of sport clubs, sport associations and other sport entities;
  • ongoing provision of legal services to sport clubs and other entities from the sports world, including associations and foundations;
  • legal management of transfers;
  • advice and management of individual athletes and coaches, especially in cases of noncompliance by sport clubs with provisions of concluded agreements;
  • legal representation in the registration procedure of Polish sport associations, in proceedings before courts of general jurisdiction in case of pecuniary claims and non-pecuniary claims related to performance of sport activities;
  • conducting of civil and economic court proceedings, and also
  • pursuing claims stemming from contracts;
  • ï pursuing pecuniary claims stemming from the mechanism of solidarity and compensation for training of an athlete;
  • conducting of mediatory procedure aimed at reaching an amicable solution to 
  • a case;
  • ï advice on optimal means of protection of intellectual property of sport clubs and protection of athlete’s image and also creation of legal analyses related to broadly-understood intellectual property and in specificity related to transfer by such athlete of rights to his or hers image and tax consequences of such an event;
  • advice on procedural aspects of fighting sport drugs;
  • participation in negotiations of contracts, safeguarding realization of contracts;
  • representing sport clubs and athletes before general, administrative and arbitration courts both in the country, e.g. The Court of Arbitration for Sport of the Polish Olympic Committee and abroad by representing the athletes and sport clubs in their relations with Polish sport associations, supervisory bodies, administrative bodies and other entities related to the sport world, which associate athletes or sport clubs;
  • representing Polish sport clubs in administrative matters before the Minister of Sport and Tourism;
  • provision of advice and legal consultations.