Real estate and construction investments

The GLASS-BRUDZIŃSKI Adwokaci i Radcy Prawni Law Firm’s team also offers its Clients expert legal advice on all issues related to real estate market in Poland and the European Union, among others:

  • due diligence;
  • valuation and preparation of agreements and developer investments including also general contractors and sub-contractors;
  • provision of complex services related to transactions on the real estate market;
  • valuation and preparation of real property sale agreements;
  • preparation and negotiation of rent agreements for commercial premises;
  • complex legal services related to purchasing and selling of real property rights and establishing limited property rights on them;
  • legal audit of real properties;
  • participation in negotiations, including client representation during negotiations of credit agreements, loans and preparation of financial documentation;
  • creation of agreement concerning: development, rent, lease, real property management, etc.;
  • development of agreements related to construction process, including agreements with architects, contractors or designers;
  • representation in civil law proceedings, i.e. dissolution of real property co-ownership, acquisition of inheritance,  Land and Mortgage Register proceedings, prescription, transmission service easement, etc.;
  • representation in administrative proceedings at all stages of construction process, including, in specificity, legal representation in establishment of development conditions, construction permits, etc.;
  • representation in appeal proceedings before construction authorities;
  • representation in court-administrative proceedings related to supervised investments;
  • representation of clients in proceedings before courts of general jurisdiction (cases on prescription, compensation for non-contractual use of real property, re-privatization).