Labour law and social security

GLASS-BRUDZIŃSKI Adwokaci i Radcy Prawni Law Firm has many years of experience in provision of labour-law related advisory activities and conducting of proceedings. We provide complex support to employers dealing with all work-relations with employees, stemming from the Labour Law as well as to employees.

We offer support, in specificity, in:

  • proceedings related to discrimination in the work relationship and mobbing;
  • legal advice in matters related to employee recruitment, starting from establishment of a work relationship, its changes and termination;
  • support in selection of proper form of employment;
  • services related to adjusting a workplace to existing legal provisions, including creation of work rules and rules of remuneration;
  • proceedings on existence or lack of existence or work relationship;
  • proceedings on establishment and termination of work contract (especially on lawful or unjustified termination of employment or unjustified or unlawful termination of work contract without notice);
  • proceedings on payment of due remuneration;
  • proceedings on collective and individual protection of work relationship;
  • proceedings on laws and obligations of both employee and employer stemming from legislation in force, work agreements, rules of remuneration, decisions and provisions of collective work agreements;
  • creation and provision of expert advice on rules (among others: labour, remuneration, employee social benefit fund, trainings) and other internal documents related to labour law and social security;
  • creation of employee documentation, i.e.: work contract, no competition agreement, agreement for the board and the top management, including managerial contracts, notices of termination or dismissal;
  • participation in negotiations with employees, trade unions and other representatives of the employees;
  • preparation of documentation necessary for realization by the employers of restructuring of workforce, including mass lay-off procedure, individual lay-offs, transfer of workplace to a different employer;
  • realization of audits of employee documentation, in specificity related to working time of employees, rules of remuneration, among others, in relation to equal treatment, etc.;
  • legal advice during inspections of the National Labour Inspectorate;
  • representing of employers in court disputes with employees, in mediation, etc.;
  • other services related to labour law.

We represent also parties to proceedings before conciliation commissions and labour courts of all instances. The employees of GLASS-BRUDZIŃSKI Adwokaci i Radcy Prawni Law Firm also conduct cases related to social security law, including:

  • representation of Clients in proceedings before social benefits authorities;
  • payment of due benefits from the Social Insurance Fund;
  • change of amount of the due benefits;
  • return of benefits received unduly.