EU grants – producer groups

GLASS-BRUDZIŃSKI Adwokaci i Radcy Prawni provides services related to EU and national law related to fruit and vegetable market in the European Union. The issues mostly faced by our clients are related mostly to problems concerning settlement of grant applications for fruit and vegetable producer groups granted preliminary recognition. In specificity, we manage proceedings in the Agriculture  for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture and in the administrative courts.

This makes the professionals working in the Law Firm the best specialists in the field, whose everyday work is implementation of the European and national law in relation to fruit and vegetable markets. Our rich experience in interest protection is priceless in the complex system of support mechanisms for fruit and vegetable producer groups.

Currently, we provide services for such companies as: JTM sp. z o.o., Świeży Owoc sp. z o.o., HIT-POL sp. z o.o., Golden sp. z o.o. Grupa Konary sp. z o.o., Prima Group sp. z o.o., Rajski Owoc sp. z o.o., Fruit Family sp. z o.o., King Fruit sp. z o.o., Rylex sp. z o.o., Grupa Zalesie sp. z o.o., Grójecki Owoc sp. z o.o.,

We are also a Law Firm which provides adviser and legal support to one of the largest industry organizations of the fruit and vegetable market, namely: Association of Polish Fruit and Vegetables Distributors ,, Fruit Union” which represents over 70% of the Polish fruit and vegetable exports. Cooperation with the Union is focused on providing legal advice related to fruit and vegetable market and in specificity: the export law, the food law and financial support mechanisms for groups and organizations of fruit and vegetable producers.