Debt collection

GLASS-BRUDZIŃSKI Adwokaci i Radcy Prawni Law Firm provides effective legal support in pursuing outstanding pecuniary claims by:

  • representation of parties during pre-judicial arbitration, judicial proceedings and enforcement proceedings;
  • drafting of requests for payment;
  • contacting debtors;
  • monitoring of receivables;
  • Out-of-court debt recovery (gaining information of the financial situation of the debtor, forecast on the possibility of settling the debt, assessment of debtor’s assets. Possibility of achieving an agreement and enforcing the receivables without court proceedings);
  • judicial debt collection: we provide complex court-enforcement activities starting with creation of full process documentation and lodging of a claim, through conducting of court proceedings, obtaining of orders for payments or verdict, initiating of debt collection procedure, indication of debt collection means, supporting the bailiff in assessment of debtor’s assets and supervision of the bailiff up to the moment of enforcement and return of receivables.

We inform that we have a large dedicated team of debt collectors with legal education and a special branch office dealing only with such matters. Those undertakings allows us to ensure mass correspondence, a debtor call-centre and, first and foremost, high effectiveness in pursuing claims.