Criminal law

The barristers in the GLASS-BRUDZIŃSKI Adwokaci i Radcy Prawni Law Firm carry out legal defence at all levels of general criminal proceedings and special proceedings – in preparatory proceedings, appeallate proceedings and during execution of sentences.

We also represent the victims, private prosecutors, auxiliary prosecutors and claimants.

We offer:

  • legal support related to “Detention” and “Temporary Arrest” which consists of, among other things: obtaining information on the subject of the ongoing criminal proceeding and obtaining consent for a visit tot he detained and a direct conversation, during which legal advice is given on the actual and legal situation of the detained and the possible tactic to be employed during proceedings;
  • legal services at all stages of criminal proceeding consisting of, among other things: reply to an indictment, attempts at discontinuation of legal proceedings, visits to the detained or the temporary arrested, advice and support in collecting the evidence, defence and representation at all stages of the proceedings;
  • participation in suspect interview and other procedural actions realized with participation of the suspect;
  • participation in court proceeding on the motion of the law enforcement authorities on utilization of a preventive measure of “Temporary Arrest”.

We also have experience in cases realized as part of international proceedings including ones realized on basis of and European arrest warrant.

The first procedural steps, including the first hearing is, in most cases, defining for the result of the whole criminal proceeding. Therefore, with full responsibility, we suggest utilizing legal support of a barrister, at least for a legal advice, as such support may result in an advantageous final adjudication.