GLASS-BRUDZIŃSKI Adwokaci i Radcy Prawni Law Firm supports its clients in achieving proper compensation due to accidents, both road accidents and work-related accidents, or stemming from medical malpractice.  We conduct cases related to damages to both persons and property. We take into consideration the fact that everybody is entitled to just compensation.

We are specialists in asserting claims for damages from insurers and other institutions obliged to remove a given injury. Thanks to our help you will get your money effectively and without any problems.

Our experience shows that an injured party should refrain from seeking redress by himself/herself. Only through a specialized law firm it is possible to obtain full compensation, adequate to the injury sustained.

We offer:

  • legal advice on communication with entities obliged to provide compensatory payments, including insurance companies;
  • representing Clients in court proceedings concerning compensation;
  • continuous cooperation with independent expert witnesses – doctors – in case of claims of medical malpractice;
  • help with all kind of compensatory proceedings: traffic accidents (personal injury and property damage), medical error, agricultural accidents, workplace accidents.

Our cooperation with experts allows us to obtain, in case of injured persons or casualties:

  • compensation for loss suffered;
  • reimbursement of costs of treatment, care, rehabilitation;
  • return of lost revenue;
  • pension due to increased needs;
  • compensatory benefits due to total or partial loss of ability to work;
  • compensation due to decrease of life situation;
  • compensation and just satisfaction for death of a close person.
  • In case of damage to property, we will help to obtain:
  • compensation for damaged or stolen vehicle;
  • compensation for property destroyed or lost in an accident.

Here it is extremely important to underscore that the faster the client reaches us with a claim, the higher the probability of proper conduct and awarding of the highest possible compensation in the shortest possible time.